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Upcoming Events

Moovy TanzFilm Festival
March 16,2024
Cologne, Germany

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Recent Events

Breaking Walls Festival
December 2023 Cairo, Egypt

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Double Header at the
Festival Internacional de VideoDanza Cuerpo Mediadio 2023 (Argentina)and online (see subtitle below to click on links). 
Oct. 30-Nov. 5

Film Still from Dance Installation, Social Fabric by Ann Robideaux and Andrea Cote


Environmental selections online here.

Created during a Screen Dance Residency with Rosa María Torres, filmed in the Sourland Mountains (NJ/USA), BICHOS plays with the dichotomies of the Natural and Manufactured, Superiority and Inferiority, Environment and Ego through site-specific improvisation, historic research and dance. As the region is host to migratory birds, insects, wildlife as well as ghost stories, BICHOS refers to both the bugs encountered there as well as it's alternate Spanish translation of Beast and the similar derogatory term used to refer to women in America. A PanAmerican collaboration.

Micro-shorts series can be found here. 
A collaboration in movement, design and sound, Drift takes us on a short journey through dreamy possibilities.
“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” ― Lewis Carroll

A collaboration with Andrea Cote and composer Chris Jones.


AUG. 4-9, 2023


OFFICIALSELECTION-Cuerpo Mediado Edición Alerta (1).png

Social Fabric, In the Public Square

Oct. 5, 2023 The Outlet Dance Project Film Festival at Grounds For Sculpture

The-awakening-grounds-for-sculpture-Seward Johnson

Every Day We Wake Up: Opening Activation at The Awakening

St. Michael's Preserve; Hopewell, NJ

Sunday, May 21, 11am-1pm  Free to the Public

Seward Johnson, The Awakening, Copyright 1980, The Seward Johnson Atelier, Inc.

Every Day We Wake Up is an immersive, site-specific performance inspired by Seward Johnson’s sculpture The Awakening, the many histories of Hopewell Valley, and the land of St. Michael’s Farm Preserve. Weaving together dance, music, storytelling, poetry, and community artmaking, this gathering considers memory, imagination, legacy, and nature. 


The Outlet Dance Project Film Festival October 2022

The premiere of  "for coming forth into the day", a collaboration with donia salem harhoor filmed onsite at Grounds for Sculpture. 

Seen (not) Heard.  July 2022 Online

A documentary told through dance reflecting on race, disability and age. 

Edited by yours truly

Entangle at MOCALights   October 2022

presented by the Patchogue Arts Council. Featuring performance by Wendi Weng and work with collaborators Andrea Cote and Chris Jones.

Dance New Jersey Grantees


Dance New Jersey Mini-Grant 2022

For outstanding contributions to the NJ arts community, especially supporting female and BIPOC artists.

Social Fabric in the Public Square

Residency at Zero Foot Hills, CT; July, 2022

MoCA Lights 2021' Guild Hall, Fall 2021 East Hampton, NY; Preview article here. 

A collaboration with Andrea Cote and Chris Jones

Tyler Spring Arts & Culture Festival At Tyler State Park May 2022

Three New Dance Films filmed in nature in collaboration with performer donia salem harhoor and Duniya Collective.  

Dancers in The Plague Year at University of Northern Colorado

Journal of the Plague Year

Univ of N. Colorado Opera Theater

Spring 2021

Directed by Brian Luedloff; Choreographed by Ann Robideaux

(Full opera here). 

Jordan Jenkins, dancer in The Plague Year
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